How to Find Balance in Life


Most people have enjoyed great successes in some parts of their lives. The problem is that most of us neglect some parts to succeed in others. Doing this corrodes your success and will over time start hurting your future chances.

If you do not find balance and succeed in all 4 areas you will start to deteriorate in all.

The Four Major Areas of Your Life Are:

How they work together:

All aspects of your life work in tandem. Success in one area will spill over to another, but on the other hand neglect will destroy your success in any of the other areas of your life.

Some examples of problems that can arise if you don’t take care of all areas

Health –> Relationships –> Career –> Finance
If you let your health slide your energy levels deteriorate, when you don’t have sufficient energy keeping quality relationships becomes difficult which will make you depressed which effects your results at work causing problems in your career and thereby your finances.

Finance –> Health –> Relationships –> Career
One of the most common causes of stress is money issues. Stress hurts your health and reduces your energy levels which hurts your relationships and thereby your career.

Career –> Finances –> Health –> Relationships
Your career controls your finances, which in turn controls how well you can take care of yourself and an unhealthy person cannot be a good friend since they are too tired and irritable to be around.

Success in one doesn’t compensate for failure in another

Because of this balance it doesn’t matter if you success in one area if you do not spend time on and focus on the other areas of your life as well.

As long as you are mindful of all aspects you will start improving in them all and success in one will fuel success in all the other aspects of your life.


Set your goals

Set goals for all areas of your life and remember to set goals for all for areas.

Ask yourself;

“What is my goal career?”

“How do I want my financial situation to look in 4 years?”

“What shape do I want to be in? How is my health?”

“How is my family situation? My relationship to my friends in 1 year?”


How it has changed my life

Keeping this balanced life style has made enormous changes for me.

I am in the best shape of my life which keeps me loaded with energy, I have a great family life and lots of good friends which keeps career opportunities coming my way so that I do not have to be worried at all about my finances.

Try it for yourself and I promise you will start seeing a difference.


I hope you liked this article and found it useful.

This was a guest post by Daniel M. Wood a well-known speaker and writer on Personal Development, Sales Technique and Motivation. Visit his blog and download your copy of his free e-book, Double Your Income.

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