How To Crack The Code To Your Life

You own the code. This code is not a secret and it doesn’t have to be broken or translated in order to understand its meaning. All you have to do is to make the choice to enter the code into any aspect of your life to begin receiving what you want.

Whether it’s improving relationships, losing weight, finding success at work, or making more money, the code is applicable to all areas of life and uses the exact same logic. The code isn’t hidden in a secret vault; it can be found in clear sight when we choose to look for it and then use it.

Getting Past Go

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to getting what you want is to just get going. Sometimes after you make the decision that “I will [fill in the blank with your goal]” you begin to hear “I can’t do it because…”

These self-limiting tapes perpetuate the lie that either (a) you are not worthy to have what you want, or (b) negative self-talk will begin to convince you that you are not able to do what you want to do. The lie begins to win and its power is seemingly too great to overcome.

We are not born listening to these lies. But over time our self-confidence weakens when a parent or authority figure labels us and tells us what we are and are not capable of doing. The answer to the code at this point seems much more difficult to figure out.

We begin to think we are able to do some things, but not other things. This belief in our inadequacies begins to define who we are; and what we will do with our lives.

To change this, you first must change your thinking. Get in touch with the source of these self-limiting tapes and begin to reassure yourself that it is possible for you to do what you want to do. Surround yourself with supportive, like-minded people. Find groups in your community who you can lean on for strength and encouragement.

Replace the lie with the truth to begin the process of moving past go and cracking the code.

Risk Versus Reward

One definition of insanity is when you keep doing the same things over and over, yet expect different results. Take your career, for example. You may feel under-valued, under-appreciated and under-compensated, but look the activities (or lack of activities) you are doing to change this situation.

Are you making it a point to remind your employer of all of your accomplishments? Are you looking to add new responsibilities? Are you looking for a new job?

No matter the situation, we often don’t realize the rewards we are seeking because we don’t take the appropriate risks. Modest risk is sometimes needed to begin seeing different results.

Fear is often times the barrier to taking risks. At work it may be the concern of upsetting your employer. In your marriage it may be the fear of creating tension and distance with your partner.

But if you are not getting your needs meet, what’s the worst thing that can happen? Your partner will resist and the status quo will continue until there is a more significant intervention. But look at the potential rewards if you take the risk and then ask for what you want


Be The 5{54c12dad2cc2b53ae830e39915b1a3e70288dbcbbeb8bbf8395437c5dc3c512c}

The 80/20 rule suggests in any given organization or group, 80{54c12dad2cc2b53ae830e39915b1a3e70288dbcbbeb8bbf8395437c5dc3c512c} of the people are mediocre and 20{54c12dad2cc2b53ae830e39915b1a3e70288dbcbbeb8bbf8395437c5dc3c512c} are truly exceptional. In my profession, 20{54c12dad2cc2b53ae830e39915b1a3e70288dbcbbeb8bbf8395437c5dc3c512c} of my company’s sales representatives are responsible for over half of all the company’s yearly revenues.

The 20{54c12dad2cc2b53ae830e39915b1a3e70288dbcbbeb8bbf8395437c5dc3c512c} of any group is usually the nucleolus, the backbone. These are the people who can get things done. The next level of analysis is to look at the 20{54c12dad2cc2b53ae830e39915b1a3e70288dbcbbeb8bbf8395437c5dc3c512c} of the 20; or the 5{54c12dad2cc2b53ae830e39915b1a3e70288dbcbbeb8bbf8395437c5dc3c512c} of the entire group.

This sub-set of a sub-set is made up of the people with the most passion and drive to achieve. These are the people who will not give-up and will see any project or goal to a successful conclusion.

Want It More

The folks in the 5{54c12dad2cc2b53ae830e39915b1a3e70288dbcbbeb8bbf8395437c5dc3c512c} want it more than the other 95{54c12dad2cc2b53ae830e39915b1a3e70288dbcbbeb8bbf8395437c5dc3c512c}. These people may not be the smartest or the most experienced, but they are the most motivated to achieve. They understand the code to crack in order to have the life they want is to stay focused and to work very, very hard.

The five-percenters are willing to get up early in the morning, day after day, and go to bed late to keep their momentum and progress going. These are the people who “get it.” They understand their will and determination will deliver what they want. It will not be a matter of if, but only when.

To want it more means to do more. To work harder and to be prepared to do whatever it takes to get what you want. It’s one thing to say you want to retire at age 50, or you want to run a 10K race in less than an hour. But what are you really willing to do to make this happen? How badly do you really want it?

Saying you want something and putting forth the activities and the effort to achieve it are indeed two completely separate things. The code can distinguish between the two. You crack the code when you can, too.

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