How to choose the best electronic drum set machine

Having a drum kit that possesses limitless features and specifications with versatile options such as cymbals, kicks, toms, and snares is probably a smart thing to prefer being a professional drummer. However, choosing the best machine for it in the market is what requires some analytic skills to differ from all other brands and companies with the preferred one.

This is quite harder these days due to the increase in the number of companies which are trying to sustain the competition of other reputed companies with their full potential. As a result, such companies provide advanced and unique features in drum machines which grab the attention of customers but some may not work as good as the branded ones. However, preferring reputed platforms like electronicdrum guy could be helpful from several aspects to a normal consumer with the real-time reviews and rankings of different machines available in the market.

Most important factors which should be considered before buying an electronic drum machine

1. Analog or digital :-

Most professional drummers all around the world prefer to have an analog drum machine as they sound familiar and moreover warmer than the digital ones. However, hybrid or digital machines are also the best option in this case as they provide realistic and perfect outcomes when compared to the analog ones. On the other analog machines are unable to create versatile sounds as accurate as the hybrid ones thus most people also go for the digital machines these days.

2. Feature to add own samples :-

Some electronic drum machines come with the default sound shipped with the unit but with the rapid development of technology, now there are many machines that have the option to add any number of samples to it. However, these machines are completely different from the samplers as they can play short but punchy phrases when compared to samplers.

3. Memory :-

It is a mere fact that, although a hybrid machine comes with the most advanced features and options, they are more expensive than the conventional ones. Now, when you are already going for the expensive option for your requirement, you must go for the machine having larger pattern memory. A proper machine is one which can save as many patterns as possible. On the other hand, if you are using the machine connected with other devices or in the studio, then there is no need of much memory and thus you can also prefer the lower end version that makes it affordable.

4. Size and price: –

Size of those machines depends on the requirements of the drummers and whether they are beginners or pro in using it. Modern machines as per now are the way more compatible models than the machines available in the 80s. However, smaller drum machines make it harder to programs and aren’t favorable for playing live due to the tiny knobs. On the other hand, larger machines are easy to use and can have more options too, but a limited studio space makes it irritable to use. For moderate usage, a compatible machine that is powered by better is considered as a better option.


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