How Popups CanTake Your UX and Conversion Rateto a Whole New Level

Today, nearly every marketer is looking for more innovative ways when it comes to creating a visitor into a repeating customer, generating more conversions and profits, and improve business growth. Popup is one of the most effective website elements, if used correctly, appear at the right time, and offer a relevant deal, has the real potential to convince users to take the desired result.

But sadly, many marketers don’t realize the power of popups and consider them as an annoying and extremely disturbing that interrupts the reading flow and prevents visitors to get access to the desired content. However, this is exactly not the case.

Popups, if designed properly can help you build your email list, increase your website conversion and eventually grow your business.

But the question is how to design popups that improve the user experience and what strategies you should consider to encourage people to convert. Here are some design strategies to create highly-convertible popups that can increase your conversion and overall bottom line.

Let’s get started.

Relevancy is the Key

If the visitor lands on your blog to read about how to create a brochure design, and then suddenly a popup appears that says, “things you should consider when designing an effective brochure,” chances are, the visitor might want to sign up. It is because the popup has an offer relevant to the readers’ interest.

Creating popups that give visitors something valuable will definitely encourage them to take the desired action. Offering something that your website visitors can’t refuse is a great strategy to achieve your goal and persuade them to consider your website for future engagement.

When you have a clear idea of who is your target audience, it will make it easier for you to create relevant and more personalized offers. It is advised to create a buyer persona and find out the problems they are facing. Having a clear idea of your target audience and their pain points will help you create more relevant and valuable offers for your buyer persona.

Use an Action-Focused CTA

Popups can help marketers to gain the attention of your website visitors and increase the conversion rate by capturing their attention. Using a persuasive CTA in your website popups can have a great impact on the overall bottom line. Creating a catchy and action-focused copy will create curiosity among your visitors to see what your band has in store for them. For instance, if you want people to sign up for a newsletter, or download an eBook, it is recommended to come up with some better CTA ideas that encourage people to take the intended action.

Timing Matters Most

If you don’t want visitors to leave your website by displaying annoying popups, it is important to show the offer at the right time. For instance, if a visitor lands on your website and trying to figure out what your brand is all about, what products or services you offer, your brand story, and suddenly a popup appears on the screen, chances are they won’t read it as they don’t know about your products or services.

If you show your popups when the visitors are about to leave your website, they will be more willing to see what special discounts or offers you have to offer for them.

Personalize Your Offers for Different Audience

If you want to make the most of popups, it is recommended to personalize your message according to the audience’s needs, interests, likes, and dislikes. Segment your audience into different groups according to their pain points, needs, demographics, and geographic variables. When you divide your audience into different segments, it will help you personalize your offers according to the group. It will show the appropriate message to the particular audience that will eventually create a tailored user experience.

Using this strategy will help marketers to reduce the amount of effort and make sure each visitor will get the most relevant offer according to their interests and problems.
Have a look at this Country Living’s popup example:

The popup creates a personalized offer for a particular audience segment interested in their latest information.

Invite Visitors to Become Your Loyal Social Media Fans

If you want to increase your social media following, promote your blog post or make your marketing campaign a huge success, consider using a popup. It is a great tactic to build your email list, increase conversions on your website that will eventually improve sales. By showing the relevant content and offers, you can improve the user experience on your site.

Promote Your Special Offers

You can grab the attention of your audience by offering special deals and discounts on your popup. It is a smart trick to collect the email addresses of your prospective customers by highlighting your latest offers and discounts. When visitors find that there is an amazing discount to a particular CTA, chances are they will surely convert.

Have a look at Kellogg’s example:

The brand uses a popup to promote their family rewards campaign which offers special discounts, offers, collection points, recipes, and coupons.

Recommend a Product

It is an amazing tactic that can make popups more effective and highly convertible. Using popups to recommend best-selling products will definitely create a positive impression of your brand and convert visitors into paying customers. By creating personalized recommending popups, you can keep your visitors on your site for long. In addition, you can allow customers to personalize their own recommendations by knowing their likes and preferences by showing them a multiple-choice survey popup.

Collect Feedback

Whether you are running a web design agency in UK, online store or marketing business, if you want to improve your website and provide great user experience, it is a great idea to use popups to collect feedback. Showing a survey popup will show your customers that you care about them and are actually interested in serving them better. It will eventually make them your loyal customers and help you generate more sales.

To Sum, All Things Up

All in all, popups can serve as the most effective tool for your business that can convince your visitors to convert into loyal customers. By following these simple and easy techniques will help you come up with awesome popups that improve brand loyalty, build your email list, and provide more value to customers. You can improve the user experience by displaying relevant content that will definitely increase conversions on your site.


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