Fashion Essential That Should Not Miss From A Lady’s Wardrobe

Your wardrobe is an extension of your personality and holds a wide definition of yourself. As a lady, your wardrobe’s contents should go hand in hand with how you present yourself. This calls for it to be always versatile containing several items of clothing befitting different occasions.

As a fashion-conscious lady, some essentials should always feature on your wardrobe some of which are as highlighted below.

1. Dresses

Dresses define womanhood and you need several pieces to bring out your style. A good thing with dresses is that they come in several designs suitable for different settings. Some of the dresses you need to have in your closet include a formal dress, a casual loose dress, a cocktail dress, and a party dress among others.

Ensure the dresses come in a variety of colors to meet your mood and attitude of the day. Dresses go perfectly with any outfit so long as you know your pairing game. Also, make sure they are well-fitting as a tight one makes you feel uncomfortable while a large one undermines your fashion sense.

1. Coats

A coat is another essential which should always have a special place in your wardrobe. As a lady, you have a wide variety of coats to pick from formal coats for the office to casual coats for your days out. A leather jacket should also be part of your collection to bring out a rugged look in you.

Additionally, invest in some fur coats for cold days which additionally bring out some sophistication in you. Fur coats are good for formal dinners more so authentic pieces which show off how classy you are.

With coats, colors always matter. If are the reserved type, dark colors are your pal and you may opt for beige, black or grey pieces. If you are the experimental type you may try out several colors to up your fashion game.

1. Accessories

You also need to have accessories as part of your dressing which helps draw attention to certain elements of your style. JJ’s House Common accessories that you can stock include watches, necklaces, sunglasses, hats and many more.

With accessories, do not overdo it unless you are daring in your fashion. For a watch, you can have a sports watch for a slightly masculine look.

1. Casual Shoes

It is no secret that ladies love their shoes and they are a constant in every wardrobe. However, many do not pay much attention when it comes to the casual department.
You need to have a decent collection of casual shoes that you can comfortably wear at home. These shoes include sneakers, boots, sandals and even brogues.


Your wardrobe needs to reflect on your fashion-sound persona and feature an enviable collection of attire. Ensure there is a balance between casual and formal to give you an easy time whenever any occasion comes calling. Other items you may have on your wardrobe include a unique perfume which is also a key persona identifier. A scarf and accessories such as earrings also do justice to your overall style.


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