ETIAS – European Travel Information and Authorisation System

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Traveling visa is much required, although this system is continuously evolving and soon it will be only available as digital visa. There are several countries which are not in the European Union, they can enter the EU Schengen Zone without Visa. 62 countries are already included in this list who can visit in this zone Visa-free.


European travel information and authorization system are ETIAS. It is the electronic system which actually keeps track of the visitors from different countries who are entering the Schengen zone without Visa. It is fairly similar to the U.S. electronic system for travel authorization (ESTA), which is also having a similar procedure. Already the procedure of the ETIAS got started in 2016 and it will be fully implemented by the year 2021.

Before you can enter the Schengen zone countries, ETIAS will perform a full-scale Security check in order to confirm the application to be allowed in that particular zone. In case the citizens of the selected countries are traveling for up to 90 days in those locations, they will not be needing any Visa.

They will be provided with short term visa which is also known as ETIAS visa. Basically, ETIAS providing short term visa for business and tourist purposes, apart from that you will also be able to visit the country for transit and medical purposes.

Reason for having ETIAS Authorisation:

Primarily the main reason for having the ETIAS Authorisation is for security. There always had a threat of allowing travellers to the country, the EU wants to make sure that it is safe to travel in their country. By using the ETIAS each and every information will be gathered in the system which includes the traveling date and visit locations. This system can easily be determined that the particular person is a security threat to the Schengen countries or not.

This system will deny the entry of those individuals which the system thinks as a Security threat. ETIAS system is mainly meant for providing a hassle-free and safe experience for both the country and the traveller. Already this procedure is implemented in most of the Schengen zone around the globe. Apart from these reasons ETIAS will provide assistance to the country as well as to the travellers in these following ways.

• It reduces the procedure and application times.

• It will eventually improve the management system of EU country borders.

• It will prevent irregular migration to the country.

• This will help in detecting and decreasing the rate of terrorism and crime.

• It will re-initiate the visa liberalization policy of the EU.


Get to know about the new travel technique without Visa, by using ETIAS. We have collected the complete information about ETIAS from the official website and posted them in this article for you for better understanding. We will recommend you to read the complete article in order to understand it better. Share this useful article with others, so that takes it to know about the new system.


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