Don’t leave until you read these 5 ever-green Website Designing tips that will drive insane sales

If you’ve designed your company website, you might be able to relate to the feeling. There are a plethora of expectations from you. A website is the sales generation machine. You can generate sales quickly if the website is user-friendly. If there are no sales, everyone will start blaming the designer for not making the right amount of orders.

Website design is like dressing your brand. If the dress is right, people will appreciate it. People will trust it, and people will share it with their friends. However, if somehow the design doesn’t excite them, they will move on to your competitors without even informing you about it.

It doesn’t matter if the traffic on your website is 1,000 or 10,000 if you want to boost your sales, here are some ever-green website design tips that will make your competitor unimportant.

1) Call-to-Action on every page

If you want to solve the problem of every customer, it is essential to address every customer. Every page provides you an opportunity to grab the attention of the customer. When you have that attention, you can either sell them something, or you can drive them away.

A CTA button on every page will tell your customer that you are serious about selling them something. When the potential customer lands on a specific page, they are usually looking for something. Something that can fulfill their need. If you can address their need, they will do business with you. If you confuse your customer, they will move away without informing you anything.

2)Grab emails right at the start

When the user lands on your homepage, they seek for something that can resolve their problem. If you grab their email address, it will be easy for you to offer them something valuable right at the start.

Don’t just ask for their email address without giving them anything else in return. You must offer them something first, before they provide you withan email address, offer them an e-book, some tips, tutorials, or solution to their problem.
The best way to do it is to grab their email address right on the homepage. You can put a little delay and then ask for the email, but the homepage gives you maximum exposure, and if the potential customer finds your brand values, they will quickly give you their email address.

3) The problem &the solution

The customers that visit your website are looking for a solution to their problem. However, sometimes the customers don’t even know what their problem is. For that reason, you must address the problem first before you also give them the solution.
Lay down the problem in simple words. Don’t confuse or redirect the customer before they solve their problem.

Even Google ranks those websites high who engage customers and solve their problems without any glitches. One attention-grabbing technique to engage your customer is to present the problem is the form is a video.

An animated video will give them a perspective. They will be able to relate to their problem, and in doing so, you can sell them your product.

Customers will buy from you if they trust your brand and feel that you are giving them something valuable. This is what separates a professional New York webdesign agency from an immature or startup company. The professionals usually show the customer what problem they are facing and provide them a solution in a way that they purchase without thinking a lot about it.

4) Make it easy for customers to reach you

One major mistake that brand owners make while connecting with their customers is that they create great contact forums which usually frustrates the customers.

The contact page aims to give customers a medium to connect with the brand and solve their problem. If the page is unable to do so, what is the point of creating the page in the first place?
Make it easy for the customer to reach you and don’t let the customers think a lot while they are on your website. A short contact us form will help the customers contact you without giving you much pain.

Additionally, a contact us page is an opportunity to connect with your customers on a deeper level. You cannot afford to miss this change. Alternatively, risk your customer to leave without informing them of their problem.

You can always take help from social proof to gain trust over your customers. The contact us page is the perfect place to begin creating that trust.

5) The necessary FAQ section

You cannot leave anything on chance. If the customer is facing a problem, there is a good chance that they might get the solution to their problem in the FAQ section. This is why it is the second most important page.

You can do much internal linking and let the customers directly to pages that can solve their problems.

Brainstorm all the questions that your customer can think and answer all those questions.Getting feedback from customers will also help you to answer some of the fundamental questions that customers are looking for.

You can also conduct a survey and see what the problems of your customers are?

To wrap it all up

If you want your customers to stick to your website and do business with you, it is advised that you turn your complex website into the easy-to-use website.

If you wish to give users a reason to share your website with their friends, consider this the starting point.


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