Could You Render First Aid in an Emergency

Self-improvement is something a lot of people are now working on. If you are trying to improve yourself – and you really should be – what are you most focused on right now? The thing about self-improvement is that there are a lot of areas to work on. It is best to pick one or two, master them, and then move on to the next thing.

This post will talk about an area of self-improvement that doesn’t get a lot of press. In fact, you might not think it to be self-improvement all. What is this area of which we speak? First aid.

Many people make healthy living a key component of a broader self-improvement strategy. They modify their diets to get rid of unnecessary calories and processed foods. They exercise a bit more. They spend less time staring at screens and more time doing more valuable things. All of this is great stuff. But what if the healthy minded person injures him/herself in the midst of trying to be healthy?

First Aid Can Make a Difference

All of us are familiar with injury. We have all cut a finger and stubbed a toe. Some of us have experienced more serious injuries that drastically altered our lives, even if just temporarily. Every case of injury has one thing in common, though. It is the fact that first aid can make a difference in recovery.

Let us say you are an avid runner who puts in several miles every morning before work. Most days you are out running while everyone else is still asleep. One late autumn morning, you don’t see a patch of black ice as you make your way down the road. The next thing you know you are flat on your face with tremendous pain emanating from your knee and ankle.

If you know basic first aid, you’ll know just what to do. If not, you may lie there in the street for quite a long time before someone finds you. The time you spend lying there could serve to make your injuries worse.

Not Just for First Responders

We expect certain kinds of people to be well-versed in first aid. For example, an EMS who arrives on the scene of your accident carrying a couple of first aid bags would get right to work helping you. You would expect no different from firefighters and police officers. We know that first responders are trained in basic first aid principles.

However, first-aid isn’t just for them. First aid training is something everyone should undergo at least once. Why? Because you never know when an emergency will occur. You never know when you or someone you care about will suffer a laceration, broken bone, animal bite, etc.

Taking a First Aid Class

If you are committed to self-improvement, you have probably taken a class or two along the way. Have you taken a first aid class? First aid classes can be found in both small towns and big cities the world over. They are offered by organisations like the Red Cross.

If you are worried about cost, don’t be. Most first aid classes are either free or very reasonably priced. Those offering the classes are more concerned about making sure you are trained than making a profit. For the record, a typical first aid class teaches basic principles like:

· Immobilizing broken bones
· Stopping blood loss
· Bandaging wounds
· Treating burns
· Treating insect bites
· Addressing dehydration
· Emergency CPR and AED use
· Handling a choking situation
· Preventing shock.

A basic first aid class can make a real difference in your own life or the lives of people you love. If you are interested in even more self-improvement, advanced first aid classes are available in most major cities. They may cost a bit more simply because the supplies cost more as well.

Help Others as Well as Yourself

In closing out this post, it’s appropriate to remind readers that self-improvement isn’t just about self. Despite its name, self-improvement is also about making the world around you a better place. It is about improving yourself so that you can help others as well. Learning basic first aid fits very well with that mindset.

If we all made a concerted effort to be the best humans we can be, that effort would rub off on other people. We would find the world a happier, healthier, and safer place to live. Isn’t that a noble goal? Of course, it is, which is why so many people have taken up the self-improvement lifestyle as of late.

We all want to live better lives. We all want to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthier. Remember that next time you go about doing whatever you did to improve self. Remember that first aid does make a difference. You owe it to yourself and those you love to learn how to perform basic first aid in the event of an emergency.


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