Are You Too Comfortable? 3 Tips To Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Have you become complacent in life? We all seek to have comfort in our lives, but comfort is not creative. It doesn’t drive us to seek more, but rather maintain and accept what is. Your comfort zone is what is familiar and/or safe to you. You cannot stay in your comfort zone and change at the same time. Change occurs outside your comfort zone. When you are too comfortable, you stop seeking to improve and better yourself.

And I’m not talking about what is comfortable for our bodies. It is more about what is comfortable for our minds. Our comfort zone is all about what is comfortable for us mentally. What we have defined ourselves as, what we have defined ourselves as not. What we are capable of and what we aren’t capable of. What if none of that is permanent? Often times I see with clients, they have what is comfortable to them and they shut out all other information and reject any new experiences that does not match their comfort zone. They will dismiss and disregard any information that is contrary to what they have decided they are comfortable with.  Here are three tools to help you in breaking out of your comfort zone. 


This might seem obvious, but the greatest gift you have is your ability to choose. If you notice you have become complacent in any area of your life, make another choice. Go left instead of right. Breaking out of you comfort zone is always a choice and it can be as easy as going left instead of right. What can you choose that will be more fun?  That will be an adventure? Making a different choice can be uncomfortable. The discomfort not a wrongness, it is you stepping out of your comfort zone. Just know the discomfort is an indication you are changing. Enjoy it. Celebrate it. When you start exercising or learning a new skill, there can be some discomfort as your body adapts and evolves to the new experiences. Same is true here. 

Fear vs. Excitement?

Fear and excitement feel very similar in the body. Both involve adrenaline rushes. People often misinterpret excitement as fear, especially when breaking out of their comfort zones. They say, “oh no I couldn’t do that, it’s too scary.”  Well is it really scary or is it unfamiliar? When breaking out of you comfort zone, it isn’t familiar. There are unknowns because it is outside of what you have defined you as. To stop interpreting fear as excitement just ask when you are “afraid,” Is this fear or excitement? Be honest with yourself. Also, the fear response is a biological response for when your life is in danger. If you are thinking about expanding your business, giving a presentation, or going on a date, is your life in any danger? No, so it is probably excitement. Keep asking this question when “afraid or fearful?” to recondition yourself to understand how exciting it will be break out of your comfort zone.  

Everything is the opposite it appears to be. Nothing is the opposite it appears to be.

This is called the crazy phrase of Access Consciousness® and rightfully so, as it makes no sense. I use it when I cannot seem to break out of my comfort zone, or I am fighting with my mind and everything telling me not to make a different choice. Also, when I am really uncomfortable. To use it; just say, “everything is the opposite it appears to be. Nothing is the opposite it appears to be.” Usually, by the tenth time of saying it to myself, I have more of a sense of peace and relaxation and ease with stepping out of my comfort zone. Why does it work? Because breaking out of you comfort zone makes no sense to your mind either. I like to think they cancel each other out.  

Remember change can only occur outside your comfort zone. So, if you would like to change, start making chooses that are uncomfortable for you and create a life beyond complacency.

Dr. Andrew Gardella is chiropractor who has worked as an Access Consciousness since 2011. He graduated from school Magna Cum Laude with BAs in Biology, Psychology, Cognitive Science and then received a Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic. He travels the world, speaking and facilitating Access Consciousness, Right Voice for You, 3 Day Body and Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment classes to help people be the version of themselves they want to be. Follow him on Instagram @andrewsbestselfforward Twitter at @RightVoiceForU.


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