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A kid trying to change the world by helping to transform consciousness.

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5 Reasons I Think About Death As Often As I Can

I don’t know why I’m here, if there even exists a why in the first place. I simply know that I am. And because I am, I have things to do. Death motivates me to do these things when I become apathetic and begin to procrastinate on my duties. r

7 Common Emotions Not Worth Our Energy

​Through out the day, we experience a rich variety of emotion as we respond to the situations we find ourselves in. Some of these emotions, unfortunately, aren’t worth the energy we give them. r

How To Turn Negative Life Experiences Into Positive Life Lessons

Life, to a degree, is dualistic in nature; we experience ups and downs; we have “good” days where life goes according to plan, and we have “bad” days where life doesn’t. This is the nature of life, always fluctuating. r

6 Challenges of Staying True to Your Heart

I hold onto the belief that each person lives out their life purpose if they stay true to the callings and demands of their heart, because it is what allows me to keep my spirits up when it seems like … r

3 Factors To Help Clarify Your Vision

In life, it’s important for us to have a clear vision; of who we want to be and the kind of life we want to lead. r

7 Reasons To Feed Your Curiosity

Curiosity is an admirable trait I encourage everyone to cultivate within one’s self. Curiosity is the ability to wonder and ask questions, and then have the courage and willingness to seek out the answers and experiences to satiate that wonder. r