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7 Simple “Calm-Down Phrases” That Can Blow Away Your Worst Troubles

After years of taking the space pen approach to everyday issues, I’ve come to realize that a few “calm-down phrases” are way more powerful than a library full self-help and personal development books. r

The 7 Habits Happy People DON’T Have

Over the course of your life, you have unknowingly developed a few bad habits that are keeping your happiness at bay.

No, you are not a bad person and you certainly aren’t a masochist. What you are doing is not intentional — you probably don’t even realize it! r

10 Productive Ways to Utilize Those Wasteful Wait Times

We’ve all been there…..

You show up at the doctor’s office on time, only to discover that they’re running behind and four others with appointments ahead of you are still waiting.

Or the airport where you wait for hours, only to hear the announcement that your delayed flight has been rescheduled – again.

Or the “quick visit” to the post office that drags on for an hour.

And if you are a parent… well, you probably have “scheduled” wait times built into your calendar – soccer practice, swim lessons, piano classes…

When you are busy and stressed, even a short wait feels like eternity. Every minute that you wait, is a minute wasted.

“Wait time” can be the most frustrating time – if you let it. With just a little bit of planning though, you can not only turn “wait time” into productive time, but may actually surprise yourself by looking forward to it!

Here are 10 simple tips to get you started. r