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Your Winter- Cycles of Growth Require Rest as Much as Action

Some of the self-help world is pushing to “achieve”, climb, “conquer” and “master” the self. We definitely need to find the fire to get where we want to go. And we need to overcome the inertia that can come from fear. But Mother Nature is far wiser than the ego. r

How To Silence Your Inner Critic

The Inner Critic has a direct line into our heart because it was made by many of the people we cared about most. But the good news is, when this oversized, outdated bully dials us up, we can learn to hang up the phone. r

Wheeze, Clunk! Is Your Inner Dashboard Blinking?

I need more sleep. But I still need to drink and nap. So how do I hear my signals that my inner car is not functioning optimally? They may not be as clear as a blinking light but you can learn to recognize your specific icons. r

How to Say YES to NO

You’re a good friend. You’re Mr. Reliable or Miss Always-There. We get it. But when you’re the one who needs a favor from you, you don’t have the time. So something’s got to give if you want to live a meaningful life. r

Instant Confidence: Just Add Water

What most don’t realize is that confidence, like any other muscle, needs exercise and nourishment. Here are five exercises you can do that will raise your confidence levels and the best part is, you don’t even have to break a sweat! So take an hour, grab a pen, a pad and your appointment book. r