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Shawn Griffith is an author, blogger, coach, dad and entrepreneur. His first book, Forging Character: The Conscience of Society, will be available Fall of 2015. Shawn has had a wide and varied career crossing from the US Navy to Defense Electronics manufacturing at Texas Instruments to programming at Southwest Airlines to Business Analysis with Advance Auto. He has a broad assortment of interests covering hiking, photography, reading, baking, travel, kenpo/kempo karate, to blogging and writing. His blog, Down Home Thoughts, is a collection of wisdom, thoughts and tips passed along from his parents, grandparents and others, along with a dash of stories, photos, book reviews and other writings.

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Personally, I say that character is the sum of all your experiences and thoughts. Character is perhaps the most important element that makes up an individual, as it defines who a person is and how they react to the world around them r