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7 Ways to Discover Deep and Lasting Happiness

Image courtesy of Arwen Abendstern Do you find yourself consistently miserable and stressed? I used to but now even my infamous ‘grumpy-old-man’ moods are underpinned by a strong undercurrent of contentment and joy. Why? Because along the way I have … r

How To Be A Rockstar

Whether you are an aspiring rock star or not, this list will help you achieve success in your field. It will also show you how some timeless ideas are still vital in your new-fangled social networking environments. I Was A … r


How Meditation Improves Your Health (Part Three)

Photo by j / f / photos If you have been following this series on the health benefits of meditation, then hopefully you have given meditation a go by now, and as you meditate and relax, you may well have … r

How Meditation Improves Your Health (Part Two)

Meditation promotes good health by fighting off the adverse effects of stress – but what is stress anyway? Stress is the response to a situation that motivates us to perform an action – whether that be fleeing from an attacker, … r

How Meditation Improves Your Health (Part One)

Fact 1: Meditation assists healing. If you have any kind of health complaint at all then meditation can help you to get better. Fact 2: Meditation can help you to stay healthy. If you are in good shape and want … r


7 Reasons to Set Fire to Your Career Plan

Common wisdom has it you should plan out your career in detail otherwise you set yourself up for failure. So why should you do something as crazy as setting fire to your detailed career plan? Here’s why: 1 . The … r