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The Quickest Way to Reveal What Really Matters in Life

In this haze of conflicting demands, it can be difficult to know what our priorities are ñ let alone for us to get our priorities right.

Not everything matters, though we mistakenly think it does.

I’d like to share a simple exercise with you that cuts through all this clutter. Hopefully, it will help you decide what really matters the most in your life. r

It’s Alright: We All Need a Little Reassurance Sometimes

Well-placed words of reassurance can have a massive impact. They encourage us to get through the tough days, and help to keep us motivated when things are going well. r

Are Your Friends’ Good Intentions Holding You Back?

There’s an area of your life you want to change, but you can’t achieve it on your own. Who do you turn to for help? Perhaps, your family. More than likely, your friends.

Friendship is one of the most important support networks we have to rely on. r