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I am a Life Coach + spiritual rockstar + would be Psychologist. I help people fall in love with themselves and their lives through miracles + radical transformation.

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5 Reasons Why Blaming Never Works!

Blaming others for anything that goes wrong in our lives is what comes handy to us. In those situations where we don’t prefer to take the call of responsibility or change we put it as a label of blame on others. r

3 Ways To Accept Your Life

In all these not-so-happy words there is only one important thing missing and that is acceptance. We are always on the get go, we want to change everything we want to fix things, we wish to bring transformation. r

5 Ways To Switch on Confidence

Fortunately, confidence is an art that can be learned with consistent practice. We can turn on the confident personality button anytime we want. There are quick and instant ways to just do that. r

5 Ways to Declutter Your Life

You can have all what you want by first clearing up and de-cluttering everything you don’t want. When you clear the spaces in every domain of your life, you allow things and experiences you ‘want’ to flow with ease. r