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10 Tips to Making Meaningful Conversations

A conversation is not a business meeting at work or with your family. It is a personal or informal talk that takes place in the cafeteria, while in a car on the way to a client presentation or walking on the street on your way to work.

It can make or break a relationship. It can make a career successful. It can make new friends. It can just brighten up another person’s life. It can change the world!

If you value time, aim at productivity and contribution, you would want to maximize your conversation to end up being a meaningful.

Here are 10 ways to make a conversation bring impact to you and others. r

How to Get Noticed and Advance in Your Career

After finishing a degree and gaining some highly technical skill, it is of no wonder that any person can succeed in his chosen path of profession. This is true but provided that he has the so called ‘X Factor’ that many companies look for in leaders or would-be heirs to the corporate leadership.

Whether you like it or not, knowledge and skills is not enough to go up in the career ladder. You also need the guts to get noticed. r