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Rande is both licensed therapist and transformational coach. His grounding in science, change technologies, and spirituality has equipped him to teach a system of lasting transformation that integrates body, mind, and spirituality.

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Pattern Trap

Breaking Free From the Pattern Trap

Taking responsibility for her life and changing it for the better was something Jill took seriously. She tried hard. She practiced positive thinking, the law of attraction, visualization, goal setting, yoga – and she prayed and meditated regularly for abundance. Yet after enthusiastic initial successes, something unseen seemed to pull her back into her “de-ja-vu all over again”. r

The Internal Dialogue: Mastering the Unseen Forces That Shape Our Destiny

Though a positive, successful, and engaging person, Pam avoided prolonged looks into her mirror. When she was brushing her hair or applying make-up, she stayed focused on the activity – but would intentionally not make eye contact with herself. Except sometimes. On those occasions a tirade of negative judgments erupted in her thoughts. r