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Freelance writer, blogger trying to make little indentations on the world in his own way. He scribbles mad ramblings about freeing your mind from negativity and harmful mindsets, and bettering your life over at his blog, Tangible Freedom.

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When Doubt Gets In The Way Of Productivity (And How To Overcome It)

Is The Doubt Real?

Sometimes when things get hard, your brain starts to rationalize why you should avoid doing this specific hard thing. r

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Positivity Vs Negativity: It’s A Question Of Focus

The vast majority of people are unable to see things 100% objectively. The way we perceive the world is not only biased by our general outlook on life, our previous experiences but also our mood. Our emotions. r

motivation, goals

7 Proven Tips To Help You Achieve Your Biggest Goals In 2014

With the new year’s right around the corner, many of us start to ambitiously muster up a new list of goals. One study of people trying to quit smoking showed that over 50% were confident they would succeed, but only 12% did. r

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How To Coach Yourself Through Life

Life coaches are somewhat of a controversial issue, with supporters crediting every aspect of their success to their coach, and doubters often being surprised that the concept even exists. r

5 Simple Steps To Never Feel Overwhelmed Again

When you’re pursuing change, feeling overwhelmed is practically a guarantee. It’s damned near impossible to avoid running into a mental road block once or twice.

But that doesn’t mean you should resign, give up.. or move onto something new, there are steps you can take to avoid ever feeling overwhelmed again. r

3 Ways Your Comfort Zone Is Restricting Your Life

Your comfort zone can often be created through actual self-delusion. You tell yourself that there are no better alternatives, that you’re helpless to change the situation, and in it lies a certain comfort. Because it does take the pressure off, since you end up believing you are powerless. But in the long term you are only sabotaging yourself. r