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10 Instant Ways of Creating Charisma

The good news is that you too, can develop an aura of charisma about yourself as well. There are many traits that charismatic people possess which you can emulate outwardly as well. r

5 Ways to Start Attracting Your Ideal Weight

From my research with healthy weight-maintainers and naturally slender people, I have learned that the following five behaviors will help you get started on your journey to attracting your ideal weight. r

Yes, It’s You: The Importance of Discovering Your True Self

Yes, if you find yourself criticizing, blaming and looking for how others are doing you wrong, you can rest assured—it’s about you. It may be reflecting something you feel is true about yourself but can’t yet face, it could be a habit or some other issue. Whatever the case, consider it a flashing neon sign that’s signaling you to shift your focus to the person who really needs your wise and helpful attention—you. r