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Paula loves people and connecting. She has spent her life going from one experience to another ranging from her love life to her career choices. You can find her writing daily at The Daily Grow Paula's blog dedicated to giving daily inspiring, thought provoking and growth motivating messages. You can sign up for her FREE challenge 'The 7 Day Grow Yourself Challenge'to get you growing again.

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4 Ways Being Selfish Is A Good Thing!

Spending time on your own so you can work out who you are

This has to be the number one priority of a ‘selfish’ person. r

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5 Reason Why Having Less Gives You Freedom

Although it didn’t feel like it at the time, it was the best thing I’d ever done.

I found out that having less meant a freedom like no other and here are a few reasons why…. r

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Why is Asking ‘Why’ Important in Life?

When you’re a child ‘why’ is a question regularly, from the most obvious of questions to the more complicated. r

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WARNING: Following your dreams can get lonely!

If someone told you that they were ‘following their dreams’ what would you say to them? Would you mock and laugh or would you encourage and support them? r