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How Much Should You Ignore or Listen to Others?

The greatest across various fields achieved the most when they preferred their inner voice over others’ opinions, when they trod their own path rather than following footprints of others. It was this mindset that gave them strength. When you stay persistent, your skill improves automatically. r

The Key To Harmonious Relationships

Sometimes, you are so sure, so convinced that the other person is at fault, that, they should really mend themselves, and that, they don’t listen to you. However, this may be a biased perspective, it may only be your viewpoint, not shared by the other person or the rest of the world. It could easily be that you are not listening to the other person. Some even have two sets of rules. All it takes is a bit of self-reflection, self-dialog to see trees from woods. r

The Art of Listening

This is what I intend to cover briefly today — listening. It seems most are talking, some are hearing but only very few are listening. Listening is an art. It is easy to listen to the subject matter when you are interested in the topic. But sometimes, for example, at work, it can be a great deal more important to listen attentively even when you are not interested in the subject matter. Your performance, your decisions, your job may well depend on it. r

10 Golden Rules of Giving

You know all about the law of attraction. You have tried to change, adopt, adapt, adjust, but the outcome has not changed. Sometimes you try hard, too hard to please the other person, to make your relationship work. r

Happiness – Yours To Keep

Media, social and traditional, corporations, advertisers, marketers, friends, family, co-workers are constantly feeding us information. It perhaps starts with the snoozer in the morning to the time you log out from Facebook or turn the television off, or your last email from your Blackberry. A lot of the information that we process in our everyday lives is of little use to us. r

3 Principles of Eternal Motivation

Motivation — often, many struggle to stay motivated right till the end. It can be the difference between winning and losing, between victory and defeat, between success and failure. Motivation is an attitude, it is a habit. It can be cultivated, nurtured, boosted and instilled like all other habits. Here is how: r