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8 Inspiration Lessons from an 8 Month Old Baby

A baby can be an inspiring teacher as well. How?

In fact, she can be your biggest motivator if you pay close attention to her activities and this will be the discussion and essence of this article.

Let me share with you the interesting observations done by me. These observations can be our motivational lessons. r

Are you really unhappy? Check yourself out here

If not their personal problems, they start blaming others, government, politics and you name it they have their negative remarks ready for it. In other words they flood you with negativity and you start wondering that life is so unfair for them. r

How To Communicative Effectively

Many people confuse communication with excessive talking. Effective communication is not excess talking. It’s actually talking less, saying more.

It is the art of conveying a message effortlessly which most of the crowd understands and grasps quickly. r