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How to be a calm person

How to Consistently be a Calm Person Even if The Going Gets Tough

Staying calm when the world is all but falling apart could be difficult, but not impossible. r

One Easily Overlooked Habit of Happy People

I’m sure you must have come across people you instantly label happy-go-lucky? The stereotype isn’t all hypothetical, and such kinds of people aren’t hard to find either. r

The Perils of Busy Life and What to do About it

That’s what I had been feeling and experiencing in the past until I realized what was I doing. It is in the nature of the mind to be restless and abhor “vacuum”. The commonly heard phrase “monkey mind” aptly describes it. r

Seek Inner Peace And Master The Lesson Of Life

This saying by Gautama Buddha illustrates the true essence of peace. No matter which walk of life you are involved in, it is important to seek inner peace as it shall set the tone for success. r