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How To Seek Direction When Life Seems Pointless

There are times in life wherein confusion reigns. Even if you already plotted your future and already set yourself on course to achieve your dreams, you’ll always have doubts. r

How To Survive a Hectic Day at Work (and Meeting Deadlines)

Regardless if you enjoy your job or not, days in the office can be extremely hectic, especially if you’re chasing deadlines and trying to get work done. r

What You Should Do If You’re Losing It

The worst can happen to the best of us. No one is immune to struggles and failure: you haven’t experienced what life has to offer if you were never rejected (whether if it’s a job application or in a romantic context) or went through hell on earth. r

Being Different and Getting Over It: How To Accept and Improve

However, difference can be seen as a flaw, and we all know society is cruel: people will always find ways to ridicule and insult these “flaws”. r