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3 Paths to Self-Improvement

I’d put myself in the way of some self-improvement by volunteering to train as a youth worker for a religious organization that I’d been part of at university. It turned out to be a poor fit, to put it mildly. It was an authoritarian group, especially towards its staff, and I wasn’t able to fit into the one mold that was offered as an option. r

Living in a Snow Globe: Why It’s Important To Expand Your Mind

The ability to live in the snow globe is partly a reflection of human resilience. Our minds and bodies are designed to cope with challenges and return to a balance similar to what we had before. It’s called homeostasis, and we’re very good at it. (That’s because if we stop being good at it, we tend to die.) r

5 Benefits of Meditation I Didn’t Expect (and How They Can Make You Successful)

Except it seems like it is, because I’ve noticed some benefits that I can’t attribute to anything else. I’m sure I’d get far more benefit if I meditated more regularly (I’m experimenting quietly with doing that). But here’s what I’ve gained even from a rather hit-and-miss practice. r

Why Nothing Is Scarier Than Change

The thing about personal development and personal change is that it’s simple. There are really no magic bullets. There are a few tips and tricks, some things that make it easier, definitely, but the basic idea is simple: Pay attention to the right stuff, take consistent action, and you can achieve pretty much anything. r

How to Become a Different Person

You can become a different person in any one of these three ways – by letting go of the past, allowing your hidden and denied parts to become present, or developing your strengths for a better future. r

The 3-Step Stress Detox

Stress is toxic.

Actually, that’s not quite true. Long-term stress is toxic.

In the short term – say, for getting away from a tiger – stress is very useful. r