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Look Good, Feel Good: 5 Cost Conscious Ways

In previous articles, I have discussed just how deeply unemployment can affect a person’s self confidence. And let’s face it, if you don’t feel good, you probably don’t look good. You see, another downside of unemployment is that it can do damage to your good looks.

I’m certain many of you, as you read this, are shaking your heads or snickering while thinking, “I’ve got plenty more to worry about than what I look like right now.” And you could be right, but you also might be wrong. So keep reading. r

The 5 Essentials Of Reinventing Yourself

And that brings me to my point… as difficult and challenging as unemployment – of any amount of time – is… could this also be a chance to re-evaluate your career path? To re-invent yourself? r

The American Dream

The American Dream According to My Father

He has made his mistakes, facing his own personal and professional challenges. And he has failed. He is human. But in light of my own personal and professional difficulties these days, I find myself reflecting on some of those life lessons of his that I used to ignore. And they actually help me get through the really rough times. I’m not claiming that any of my father’s ‘lessons’ or anecdotes are wholly original… and maybe you have heard them before from your own father or another influential figure in your life. r


Affirmations: A More Effective Way To Kick Off The New Year

Change your life with affirmations not resolutions. According to those who follow the cycle of the moon, the solar eclipse that took place on January 15 is actually the day we should all be making New Year resolutions. Whether it be January 1st or the 15th, we all tend to feel pressure to ‘resolve’ ourselves to do something when January rolls around: lose weight, workout, spend less, make amends. Ultimately, when we revisit New Year’s Eve on that same year, we look back and realize we have fallen short, or even worse, haven’t accomplished any of these resolutions. And if we haven’t had enough champagne to dull the nagging sense of failure, we are left feeling a little defeated, maybe lazy or worse, without real direction in our lives. r


The Upside Of The Economic Downturn: Why Being Unemployed Isn’t So Bad

It’s almost worse than getting laid-off. Rejection is never easy. Uncertainty never comfortable. Unemployment never fun. Or is it? Could it be? If we looked at it from a different perspective, is it possible to find an upside in all of this? r