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Matthew M. McEwan blogs about how to sleep well, wake up early and have an awesome morning at

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The Ultimate Secret to Fast Learning

You brain simply wants to have fun. When it does, you will learn. Fast. And I want to help you understand how to make it happen. r

morning routine

Can’t Keep up? 15 Ways to Simplify Your Morning Routine

Every morning we have to struggle to get ourselves ready, get everything done and be out the door on time. And not to mention what it’s like if you have kids as well who just want to play around r

Lazy Panda

The Lazy Person’s Guide To Not Being Lazy

Simple because laziness is a habit. That’s right, it’s nothing else than a certain way of living that has been programmed into our brains. r

Awesome Morning

Who Else Wants an Awesome Morning?

Having an awesome morning is though, I know. Suddenly we have to get all our systems ready for another high-energy day. Personally, I wasn’t doing too well on this front until I made some real changes. I set out with one single goal in mind – to make my mornings awesome! r