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Hi, my name is Turndog, and I’m an Author, Brand Storyteller & Speaker who spends each day Discovering, Creating & Sharing Inspiring Stories. I keep busy with lots of storytelling goodness, but at the minute I’m writing THE SUCCESSFUL MISTAKE: a book about overcoming your #GreatMistake and transforming it into your best idea yet. I’ve already interviewed 100+ Successful & Inspiring Entrepreneurs (click the link to see who), but I invite you to Join This Band of Merry Misfits, and be part of the entire process: sneak peek content, weekly updates, your suggestions encouraged at all times… Oh, and if you like Free Books and a chance to mingle with other quirky entrepreneurs, be sure to say hello and Join The Fun!

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8 Productivity Tips I Learned From Interviewing 100 Successful Entrepreneurs

8 Productivity Tips I Learned Interviewing 100 Successful Entrepreneurs

Each time I chat with these wonderful individuals, I gobble up their wisdom. They’ve taught me a lot, and productivity is high on the list. r