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Understanding Yourself Is Incredibly Valuable

Imagine a side of you that likes these things that you dislike. As soon as you imagine it, you might be tempted to make snap-judgments about this side, like how it’s a “poor excuse for a human being”, or “a … r

Find The Underlying Reason For Your Feelings

We have many different feelings. If you characterize your feelings only by their usefulness to you – as in, awkwardness as bad because it drives people away, and energetic good because I can make friends – then you can end … r

Who You Are And Who You Think You Are

There is a difference between who you are and your IDEA of who you are. Furthermore, there is a GIGANTIC difference between the person you are USUALLY and who you can be in life’s many, many varied circumstances. There is … r

Explore And Refute Inner Negativity

The battle with inner negativity can be very real and damaging. It can cause one to lose hope and happiness. If you find yourself in a negative way, try the following method: (1) Take a piece of paper or open … r

Forgiveness Brings Healing

There once was a man who lived in a tiny village and who was easily offended. If someone forgot it was his birthday or didn’t compliment him on his new haircut, he would hold a grudge against the offender. This … r

Never Too High And Never Too Low

The head football coach for my team was interviewed a few months ago. In the interview, he said that he has a plaque on his desk that says, “Never too high and never too low.” He went on to explain that in a football game there are many peaks and valleys. A touchdown from an eighty yard run. An interception that is ran back for a score. r