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Time Flies: 5 Ways To Make Sure You Enjoy The Ride

People say all sorts of things about time, usually about how little of it they have. Many of us genuinely lead busy lives and do find it hard to fit everything in – work, family, hobbies, exercise. But leading a happy and fulfilled life and achieving all our goals does require the skill of handling our time well. Time is a resource and must be managed. r


6 Myths That Stand In Your Way

We tell ourselves stories because we life to feel safe. They are comfortable and pleasant, and they keep us asleep. Anthony de Mello, a man who really understood human nature, wrote, ‘The first thing I want you to understand, if you really want to wake up, is that you don’t want to wake up.’ r


8 Tips For Guaranteed Success According To Paul Raymond

The rights and wrongs of the pornography industry are one thing (which I have no intention of debating) but it has to be said that Raymond’s life is an example of how certain traits, certain ways of thinking about and doing things lead to success.
Raymond failed to actualize himself fully, but there are lessons we can learn from his life – he has much in common with other materially successful people. r


Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

People believe all sorts of things for all sorts of reasons. Some beliefs are trivial and others are very important, but two things are certain:

1. Our underlying beliefs operate at a deep, subconscious level, and
2. These underlying beliefs affect what we experience in life, including our level of success or failure in any endeavor.

How To Be Utterly Miserable

Life’s hard, isn’t it? There are lots of things in life that you shouldn’t have to do, and work is one of them. So don’t waste another second of your time in feeling good about it? With my top ten tips for feeling utterly miserable at work, you’ll soon be walking around with a permanent frown and a head full of misery! r