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Slow Carb Diet: Week 1 Update

An account of my progress and observations after 1 weeks of the slow carb diet. r

5 More Ways to Increase Your Intelligence

In the feedback on my original post, 5 Simple Ways to Make the Most of Your Intelligence, two of the most common comments were: 1. 5 ways aren’t nearly enough 2. Nothing works for everyone I whole heartedly agree with … r

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5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Intelligence

Your brain needs exercise just like a muscle. If you use it through seldf education, you will become a more skilled thinker and increase your intelligence. r

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Overcoming a Loss of Motivation

How many times have you started a new activity (such as a personal project or exercise routine) with a burst of enthusiasm, only to see that initial momentum evaporate? This post will help you get past that motivational block. r