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10 Ways to Start Living a Meaningful Life Right Now

Below I have listed 10 specific actions you can do today that will start to bring meaning to your life. Don’t try to do all 10 at once. Adopt one item from the list, and then slowly add others as time goes on. The journey of a 1000 miles starts with one step. r

10 Ways to Determine Exactly What You Want to Do with Your Life

It’s irritating. Frustrating. Overwhelming. They say “Follow your dreams”, “Chase your passion”.

And you would. You really would. But there’s a problem. A huge problem.

You have no idea what your “passion” or “dream” is.

Once we know our passion then we can follow it with insane tenacity. The problem isn’t that people hold back from their passion. It’s that you have no clue what your passion is.

If you have no idea what your dream is you can’t follow it.


10 Ways To Revive A Childhood Dream

The beauty of childhood is that we aren’t restrained from dreaming by perceived barriers. As children, we know what we want and we say it. Then as we get older, we tend to forget our dreams. We tell ourselves, “It’s just not possible.”

Do you remember your dream as a child? r