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3 Dangerous Words You Must Stop Saying Right Now

Are you deluding yourself, limiting your happiness, and delaying effective action just by saying a simple three word phrase? You very well could be, as so many people are. r

Good And Bad Emotions: Finding The Perfect Mix

Some people appear to be hopped up on happy pills, being oblivious to any bad events going on around them. Others are all too quick to express their disgust at anything that doesn’t go exactly their way. Could it be … r

Active Listening

A Powerful Guide To Active Listening

Image courtesy of Joee_halloween We have two ears and one mouth. Just based on our body parts, you’d think we’d all be natural listeners. But we’re really not. You’re born with the ability to hear, but you have to develop … r

Giving Criticism

The Art of Giving Criticism

Image courtesy of mypixbox I previously wrote about how to take criticism, a very important life skill. In the comments, someone asked for a post about how to criticize. Good idea! It only makes sense to look at the flip … r

self improvement

The Art of Taking Criticism

There are lots of people on this planet, and they all have their opinions. That means that all of us should expect to receive lots of criticism in our lifetime. r


How to Find Your True Priorities

On January 1st, many people make resolutions for the new year, such as to go to the gym every day. You can’t help noticing that gyms suddenly become much more crowded. But by February 1st, most people have abandoned their … r