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Life’s Short: 5 Quick Ways to Slow Your Time Down

Life optimization.

Cutts, like PickTheBrain, had taken on a 30 day challenge and it really made me realize the simple problems I put myself through each day that seem to be sucking all the time out of my twenties. r

Thanksgiving: A Time to Do You

As you arrive at home to see the family – eager to fill your belly with Turkey, cranberries and maybe a bit too much wine – it’s important to remember the people who fill your life.

But do you know what’s even more important? …To remember yourself. r

How To Move On From Mistakes

It’s a part of life – we’re going to make mistakes.

Heck, you probably screwed something up before breakfast today, and no offense. I did too. r

7 Ways To Win At Making First Impressions

First impressions often times set the stage for an entire relationship, or lack thereof, and if you can learn how to master them you’ll start seeing better results all across the board. r

How To Find Your Passion In Life

The path we each take to find passion is totally random. Now, you’ll say everything happens for a reason and that’s true. Every single event in the universe is the result of another event whether we can see it or not. That was proven long ago. r

Shh! 10 Good Times to Shut Up

Ever feel like you’ve gone and said too much? Again?

Maybe you kill a joke or ruin a great moment. Foot in ze ol’ mouth. r