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If A Dog Can Drive A Car, What Can You Achieve?

For us humans, it’s a lot easier to get caught up in our thoughts, especially when we perceive that something’s dangerous. That’s when we put the brakes on, and stop moving forward.

And that’s exactly the wrong thing to do. r

Why Your Job is a Dead End (and How to Re-Energize Your Life)

“Go to college, major in something marketable, then get a good job in a secure field.” Sound familiar? It’s what most of us have been told.

But now that you’ve been out in the real world for a while, something doesn’t quite seem right about that advice. r

How To Lower The Bar and Create Bigger Wins

Have you been procrastinating and getting nothing done? Maybe you’re spending countless hours reading and researching something so you won’t fail or make mistakes? Or maybe you have a big vision of what you want to do, but don’t know where to start? r