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4 Methods to Make Personal Development A Lot More Fun

Personal development can be fun. But often times, it can also feel like a chore. You have to do this, and practice that, and you don’t really feel like it, and you’re not seeing fast enough improvements, and you’re frustrated and disheartened. r

4 Ways To Find People You Match Well With

When it comes to relationships, whether it’s romantic relationships or friendships, good matches are very important. The better you match with a person in terms of values, goals, beliefs and personality, the more chances your relationship has of being long, stable and satisfying. r

How to Experience More Freedom in Life – 5 Great Tips

Freedom is praised in books, movies, speeches and casual conversations. It’s something most of us want to have more of, because we know it would make us happier. But how do you achieve more freedom? This is where things get more complicated.


The Truth about First Impressions

First impressions are an interesting phenomenon. Just about every article or book chapter on this topic will tell you that first impressions are extremely important, so you have to ensure that you always make a great one. Thus, they’ll encourage you to be dressed sharp, have a positive body language and pay attention to about two dozen things when you interact with a person for the first time, in order to convey the ideal message. But is all of this really necessary? And is it really useful? r

How to Create Your Self-Improvement Plan

I became passionate about self-improvement over a decade ago, and I started helping others with their self-improvement as a coach more than half that time ago.

I strongly believe that developing oneself is one of the best actions a person can take and that self-improvement ultimately leads to more achievements and happiness in one’s life than anything else. r

5 Ways to Build Social Skills

If you lack social skills, it’s important to learn how to build social skills. In this article, I’m going to reveal to you the 5 most effective ways I know for building social skills, based on my experience as a social confidence coach. r