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The Power of Negative Thinking

“The Power of Negative Thinking” is a less widely known concept. In fact, I haven’t heard anyone talk about it at all. Yet, it’s an incredibly important concept to understand for your happiness, and the happiness of everyone in your life. r

6 Simple Ways to be Happier Today

There are numerous ways that we can help ourselves to be happier every day. In fact, there are so many ways that a looking at too comprehensive a list could cause someone to be overwhelmed, leading instead to unhappiness.

In order to avoid the overwhelm that I just mentioned, the first thing I want you to do is to adopt the following habit, which will help you with all future habits you want to adopt in your life. Ready? Here it is: Slow down. r

Mindful Eating as a Gateway to More Mindfulness

Cutting the newspapers out of my breakfast routine was surprisingly easy. I quickly got into the habit of not bringing the papers in from the driveway until after I finished my cereal. And the absence of the papers acted as a valuable trigger to remind me about my homework assignment—to eat more mindfully, specifically at least three bites during each meal. r