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Sometimes You Just Need to Laugh at Yourself

Sometimes you just have to be able to laugh at yourself.

Take a step back, take a deep breath, and indulge yourself in a little reality check. Given all of these real concerns and the seriousness of everything, what can we do to get by? Try these on for size. r

Inspiration in a Pizza Joint

You never know when you may be the lucky recipient of an inspirational moment, something that causes you to take pause and think and really appreciate what you have and the incredible resilience of fellow human beings. r

It’s All About Attitude: 6 Ways To Stay Positive

The direction is up to each of us and the first steps we take each day will dictate which path we ultimately follow.

Once we are up and running, life tends to hit us head on and despite our best made plans and preparations, we better learn to expect the unexpected. r