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Dustin is an optimist. His goal is to help you improve your mood one way or another. He specializes in finding the perfect quote to get you grinning again. You can find him producing smiles at or connect with him on facebook.

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How to Improve Your Personal Awareness

The one person above all else, whose opinion counts more than anything, and who should know you better than anyone else, is yourself. Most people might scoff at this, as though it’s a given that one should know themselves, but it is actually a unique character trait few people really posses. r


5 Benefits of Speaking Less and Listening More

If you find the opportunity to raise an issue with someone in the future, pay attention to the way in which you speak. Are you listening to what the other person has to say?

Try speaking less and listening more. It has its benefits. r

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10 Simple Ways to Build Self Confidence

It all begins within yourself, and you have to want to change things for the better. If you can’t change your environment, you can at least change your own ways. r