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About Brendan Baker

Brendan Baker helps people who feel stuck doing work they don’t like start to make a difference and an income doing what they love. He writes over at The Start of Happiness and has created the Launch Your Life Academy to support people gain clarity of their goals in life and stay focused and motivated in achieving them.

Recent Articles

The Secret Ingredients For Living Your Passion Every Day

I’m not getting much sleep at the moment.

I’m up until midnight most nights, even beyond, and sometimes I wake up at 4am in the morning with my mind buzzing and energised.

I’m also the busiest I have even been in my life.

Tired? Exhausted? Stressed? Anxious?

None of the above.

I’m excited!

I can’t help but jump from my bed when I wake in the middle of the night and get to my computer and press the ‘on’ button. I sit there waiting eagerly in the darkness for the bright white glow of the screen to light up my face. r

7 Awesome Things You Can Do for Building Social-Confidence and Social-Leadership

The good thing is, if you do feel tired, exhausted or have raised levels of anxiousness in social interactions, there are ways to overcome this. However, to be clear there is no magic pill that makes you feel more confident in social situations (and I’m talking healthy substances, not drugs or alcohol!). r