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Life lessons

Invaluable Life Lessons from Bon Jovi (That Don’t Involve Living on a Prayer)

Jon Bon Jovi is a legendary rock star from next-town-over-from-me New Jersey. At the same time he’s a songwriter, actor and accomplished entrepreneur. To put some frosting on the cake, Jon went from sweeping floors at a recording studio to … r

Goal Setting Technique

A Radical Goal Setting Technique That Works

Goal setting techniques are not always very effective. They are often overcomplicated or do not inspire motivation from the user. When it comes to goal setting, simpler is better. You want to accomplish as much as possible by taking the … r

Useful Things

20 Useful Things You Can Accomplish In 15 Minutes

Life is made up of nothing more than a series of moments. If you can find some way to pull 15 extra minutes out of a hat, you’d better at least use them wisely. Where will you find these moments, and when you find them, how will you use them? r