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5 Ways to Become a Creative Powerhouse

Being creative keeps you motivated in what you love doing, it keeps you fresh and on your toes. It never grows old that strong intense feeling in my stomach and the big smile on my face when a great idea hits my awareness. r

3 Ways to Keep Fear Under Control

Imagine the scene. You step off public transport and begin the regular walk home. Its dark and no one else is around. You can hear the echo of your shoes crashing against the floor, only these are not the only footsteps you can hear. A short distance behind you can hear another set of footsteps taking a similar path to you. A reflection of the bus shelter show the footsteps belong to a man around 6ft wearing a dark hoody covering his head. Suddenly you notice a strong tightening of your stomach, your heart begins to beat faster and your mouth dries up. You take a sharp left turn down an alley only to find its a dead end. Quickly turning back you find in your path the hooded man. Your breathing quickens as you experience tunnel vision and your muscles tighten in anticipation for your survival instinct to kick in.