Are You Experiencing Someone Else’s Emotions?

Why do you think you feel bad when you see a poor miserable homeless man in the street? Apart from feeling guilty for not helping poor people there are still some sad emotions that you will experience upon seeing anybody who suffers.

Do you know why you experience these emotions? It’s because you experienced some of the man’s pain at the moment you saw him.

We humans usually absorb some of the emotions of the person we are watching or listening to and then experience a change in our own mood even though nothing bad has happened to us, personally.

Emotions are communicated to the people we deal with

Why do you think you feel scared in horror movies when you see actors feeling scared? It’s because their emotions were communicated to you through their gestures and facial expressions.

Why do you think we like confident people? Confident people transfer their emotions to us and make us feel relaxed and calm.

On the other hand people who are anxious unconsciously transfer to us some of their anxiety and this makes us feel uneasy around them.

I am sure you have experienced being with someone who is overly stressed and then ended up being stressed out,  too!! In short, emotions are communicated to us by the people we deal with whether we notice it or not.

Research has proven that the same neurons in the brain that are responsible for a certain emotion fire while someone empathizes with someone else. This means that relationship partners who have high levels of empathy experience the emotions of each other most of the time and that’s why they end up looking alike after a while.

Lots of people wonder why do intimate couples look alike and one of the theories that explains this phenomenon is that people who continuously get exposed to the same emotions start to look alike because emotions have impact on the face features on the long run.

This is also a very strong reason to find yourself a role model in your life so that you can learn from him. While watching your role model you will experience the same emotions he is experiencing and your personality will start to get closer to his personality.

Avoid the absorption of bad emotions

Lots of people experience a change in mood without knowing why and in many cases the change in mood Is just a result of absorbing someone else’s emotions. After knowing how emotions affect communication you should do the following in order to have a good mood:

  • Avoid negative people If possible: because they will unintentionally transfer their emotions to you
  • Keep an eye on your own emotions: So that you don’t confuse them with the emotions you absorb from other people
  • Act confident : When you act confidently people will feel relaxed around you and you will have better social relations

It was found that people who aren’t depressed start to experience depressive thoughts and emotions when they accompany depressed people for a long period of time!!

One of the theories that explains that transfer of emotions between people states that emotions are chemical reactions that take place inside the brain and the products of these chemical reactions results in heat that moves the air molecules and sends the emotions to near by people.

Of course I am not asking you to avoid a friend in need or someone who is in intense need for help but at least you should avoid all unnecessary interactions that could have a negative impact on your mood.

Lots of people who talk about happiness give very simple advices such as repeat positive affirmations or accept yourself but those people might have not noticed that human emotions are much more complex than that and that happiness can only achieved when you combine all parts of the puzzle. One part of the happiness puzzle is to avoid negative people, complete the rest of the puzzle and you will experience real happiness.

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