8 Excuses You Need to Eliminate in Order to Succeed in Life

1) “I’m too busy.”

To put it bluntly, busy is bullshit.

Everybody is busy today.

If you really want something, you absolutely will make time for it no matter what.

On the flip side, if somebody constantly says he’s too busy for you, you may want to re-evaluate your relationship with that person. They don’t think you’re that important.

Hence, get rid of them and start surrounding yourself with better people in life.

2) “I feel uninspired at this moment.”

Here’s something to think about: “Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and do the work.” – Chuck Close.

If you constantly feel the need to feel inspired in order to get to work, you’re probably not going to get much work done at all.

If you feel like you need to feel good in order to actually do work, what does that say about your attitude towards hardship?

Don’t wait for inspiration. Just do the work. The inspiration and feeling of being “in the zone” will definitely come midway.

3) “I’m too tired.”

Like busy, everybody is tired today.

If you feel like you aren’t sleeping enough, you can easily do a search online on how to sleep better and consider what’s the best amount of sleep for you. Arguably, it is said you can function on as little as four hours of sleep a day. If people out there are doing it, so can you.

Other than that, tweak your lifestyle and create better habits. Stop using the phone before you go to sleep. Exercise more. Walk more.

Above all else, burst through the lethargy and get to work. Unless you’re ill, it’s highly unlikely you’re going to faint, much less die from it.

4) “I’m not good enough.”

Absolute rubbish.

Everybody is constantly learning. Period.

You never know how good you really are unless you test yourself. This is where you will surprise yourself.

You never know how inadequate you really are. This is where you’ll truly know how strong you are.

The both two are required to truly test greatness.

So just dive in already. There is never a better time.

5) “I don’t want to do it because results are not guaranteed.”

This is not your fear or your even insecurities speaking.

This is you not wanting to go through the mandatory struggle that work, and life require.

My mentor taught me something a few months ago: “There’re no guarantees in life. Death is the only guarantee.”

It’s so true.

Stop coming up with the excuse that no work is worth your time unless results are guaranteed. That’s practically not work. That’s a lottery waiting to be won.

Get to work with uncertainty and embrace the hell out of it.

6) “No one is there to help me. I shouldn’t do it without help.”

Look, for every invention or new concept out there, somebody did it, or thought of it first without any help. That is why it’s original.

Somebody was out there going at it alone without the certainty that it will succeed (since he can’t even look around for clues.)

If they can do it, why can’t you?

The help WILL come as along as you ask, but with a strong backing. That is why you should start first and then go along with it.

If you ask for help without any will of your own to do the work, nobody will care. Worse, if you expect the help to magically come, you’re in for a huge disappointment.

7) “I’m not worthy.”

Or, “I’m not special. Or, “I don’t deserve success.”

This reeks of insecurities and deep-rooted issues, but essentially, it’s an excuse.

It’s an excuse to not want to do work and accept a comfortable, yet mediocre life. It’s an excuse to accept what has been passed down by society as you allow others to succeed while you simply watch from the sidelines.

You are indeed special. And you’re certainly worthy.

You just have to start believing it like a boss. It’s all in your head. Now get started in your head. No excuses now.

8) “I always have the worst luck.”

Luck is a very grand and complicated concept. Like thinking you aren’t worthy, it’s all in your head.

The bottom line is that you have to choose to stop playing the victim and see the lessons, and positive side to whatever supposed “bad luck” you’ve been getting.

Life and its uncertainties should never hold you back.

Make life your bitch instead! Create one where luck will bow down to you instead.

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