7 Ways to Simplify Your Life

‘Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.’ Henry David Thoreau

It is my habit to rise amidst the burgeoning daylight of each day before even the kookaburras let forth a recognizable burst of uncanny laughter from their bushy perch that is my backyard. I even beat the chickens that let forth their egg laying cackle. These are the feathered and quite comical friends that my wife recently purchased to deliver a constant glow of edible specimens – from what has become an organic free-range egg factory.

The older I get the more simplicity I desire in my life.

Over the past twelve months in particular I have worked hard to remove many of the overheads that have encumbered my personal and business life, and I know for a fact that in the years to come I will move deeper into the Australian bush – for therein I find simplicity and a place to rejuvenate and refresh while still reaching out globally through the power of technology.

So does that mean I cut myself from humanity, business and everything else that can so often cram so much detail into our lives – so much so that we don’t even have room to breathe?


It simply means that we must begin to see what is of greatest importance to us personally and then pursue that, and that alone.

Please allow me to share what are the ‘simple’ things that create order and progression in my life on a daily basis.

Some may or may not suit you, but may I exhort you to pursue simplicity, for therein is found peace and joy.

So here are just 7 simple things that I apply to my life on a daily basis.


1. Early To Bed, Early To Rise

By making this part of my daily routine I find that I get the bulk of my work done before midday. I am far more creative in the morning hours and it is nice to get to the middle of each day having completed the necessary tasks that are moving my life and my business – both online and offline – forward.

2. Afternoon Meetings

As much as possible I schedule meetings with other humans – one on one – in the afternoon – generally in a relaxed atmosphere so that my mornings are left as much as possible for my creative efforts. Obviously, when I’m communicating with associates on the other side of the world I may need to break this for a productive Skype session. So flexibility is the name of the game.


3. List Of 6

Every day is greeted with a plan in place – a list of 6 things that need to be completed that day. The list is prepared the previous day and left on my desk, and throughout the morning I work steadily to complete each task and cross it off. Any things on that list that are left undone are shifted to the next day. If for some reason a task continues to be moved from one day to the next I ask myself whether or not it was really that important after all.

4. Leverage

If a task is not in line with my strengths I delegate it or outsource it to those who are strong in those areas. I cannot do everything and don’t even try. Having a team of professionals to assist me empowers my life and keeps things simple.

5. Passion

As much as possible I spend the bulk of my time in the outpouring of my passion. Work is not work. It’s pure joy as I continue to create and navigate in a sea of passionate activity.

6. Rest & Rejuvenate

Doing nothing – or being engaged in activities such as gardening, reading, walking, exercising, spending time with family and friends are the times when some of my most creative thoughts are birthed. By making this part of my daily routine I find that I am never found wanting when it comes to ideas – and these times also afford me the chance to dream BIG dreams.

7. Journal

The recording of thoughts has expanded my capacity and proficiency as a writer and as a communicator – and my more than 50 journals, that I have carefully stored away in my home office, are a constant source of fresh ideas whenever I take a peek back at what I have written – sometimes decades ago.

But with all that aside, one of my greatest pleasures enjoyed is to simply sit in my garden and listen to the wind whistle through the leaves in the bush land that surrounds my home and watch as flickers of reds, greens, gold’s, or whites flutter through the trees accompanied by an array of birdsong that lifts both my spirit and delights my soul.

Simply simple.


Motivational Memo: To simplify is simply the best thing to succeed in an often complex world.


To discuss: How can you begin to simplify your life?


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