7 ways to keep your home free from pollution

Staying healthy is the priority of every person; the air you breathe leaves a significant impact on your health. Poor and dirty air quality can cause serious health issues. The people must have pure air quality at their home to be safe from the utmost health problems. Here are some ways to keep your home pollution-free-

  • Keep Your Floors Clean-

It is essential to keep your floors clean and pollution-free, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust particles from the stories and maintain the level of fresh air. Make sure that there are no dust particles present at your place because more of them creates an awful atmosphere. Clean floors always provide a new atmosphere and reduce the risk of pollution based health issues.

  • Always Open Your Windows-

It is the best way to make your indoor air quality better. When you open your windows, it reduces the fresh air reduces harmful pollutants and makes the indoor environment pure and safe to live. It is a simple and easy way to make your inside atmosphere positive and pollution-free.

  • Use Oil Diffusers-

It is an effective way to make your home free from pollution. Many essential oils like tea tree oil, eucalyptus, clove, and rosemary are added to floors and machines while cleaning the house as it helps to reduce the dust particles and other harmful pollutants in the home. Other than lowering the polluting air and dust it helps to kill the harmful bacteria present in your place and make it even better.

  • Try to Clean with Non- toxic Chemicals-

 People are not aware of the correct ways to keep their home safe and clean, many of them use harmful toxic chemicals such as Ammonia, Chlorine, and Sodium Hydroxide that harms the environment of the place and makes it full of impurities. Instead of using these harmful chemicals one should use non-toxic and safe chemicals namely are baking soda, vinegar, citrus juice, and other essential oils to keep the living environment fresh and secure 

  • Take Your Shoes off-

Always take your dirty shoes off when you get back home, the dirt you have in your shoes has dangerous bacteria, pesticides, fungi, faeces, etc. that makes the air dirty. If you take your shoes off, it will decrease the dust particles and dangerous bacteria that cause the atmosphere of your house pure and clean because taking dirty shoes in makes the floor and the area harmful and impure.

  • Use Air Purifiers-

Another effective away to make your place free from pollution is to use the best quality air purifiers. Air purifiers purify the air and the atmosphere by killing the irritants and pollutants that are the cause of severe health issues. It eliminates all the allergens and all the dangerous particles that makes the ambience dirty and impure. The clean and purified air will help you to make the aura clean and pure.

  • Do Clean Your Air conditioners

Many times people ignore the bad condition of their air conditioner and face serious health issues, the dust in the Ac’s cause serious breathing and health problems. Make sure you do proper cleaning and servicing of your Ac’s

Above are the effective ways and methods to keep your place free from all the harmful pollutants and Bacteria. An unhealthy living atmosphere puts a major impact on one’s life and health. It is vital to keep your surroundings and the areas you live in clean and safe to live in. Live long live happily!


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