5 Things To Know About Omega Watches

If you are reading this article at the moment then chances are that you are one of those people who are obsessed with luxury watch brands and you just don’t go out a day without wearing a Rolex or Hublot. Now, for starters, there’s no doubt in the fact that wearing a watch adds a lot to your personality. Especially if you are wearing a luxury brand, it shows who you are and how seriously you take your watch collection.

One thing is for sure that once you wear a quality brand and a quality watch, you will definitely be standing out among all the other people around you. You’ll be the guy everyone looks at when you walk into a room and well you will even have a halo effect on everyone around. The point is that if you are touchy about your watch collection and if you do take it seriously then yes, you are one of those men who deserve some big time appreciation because you do know how to carry yourself.

Coming back to the topic of today, if you are about to buy an Omega watch and if you are here to collect some information about this brand then yes, you are definitely at the right place, reading the right article. Today we are going to put down some interesting information about the brand and its watches too. So, make sure to take notes of what we are about to tell you especially if you have been searching the internet for some great omega watches for sale and you want to end up with a quality one.

1- What You Need To Know About The Name

Louis Brandt was the one who found this company in the year 1848 in Switzerland. By the year 1877, both Louis’s sons Louis-Paul and César joined him and they changed the name of the company to Louis Brandt & Fils. By the year 1894, this brand got global recognition and a new movement was also started due to the ease of repair and the accuracy of time of the watches of this brand. This movement was named as “Omega caliber” and that’s the time when keeping in view the success of the movement, Paul and Cesar changed the name of the company to “Omega”.

2- The Brand Qualifies For Space Too

In the year 1962, NASA tested a few luxury watch brands so that they could find “the one” that was suitable for space use and guess what? They performed a few brutal tests on Rolex, Omega and Longines-Wittnauer watch and that’s when Omega too the lead, and it qualified for space use. Yes, you read that right! And now according to NASA, Omega is the brand that is “Flight Qualified for all Manned Space Missions”.

3- They Are Unique

The one thing people love about this brand is that it’s unique. Like, you will never come across an Omega watch that resembles some other brand a little. All of their watches are completely unique in design, style and the overall look too. Most of the celebrities out there wear Omega watches because they think that this brand is actually no less than a style statement. It’s too good when it comes to the quality, it’s too good when it comes to the style and well, again, no one can ever call Omega a “copy-cat” brand because they just don’t do that and all of their designs are perfectly unique.

4- It’s All Time Favorite For The Celebrities

Just as said earlier, most of the celebrities and politicians out there wear Omega watches and this is something you can easily observe even in movies. You see, all of the Omega watches that have been launched in the market till date, all of them are just amazing. The straps, the dial, the built, one thing is for sure that once you hold an Omega watch, you’ll feel the difference on your own and you are just going to love it.

5- James Bond Love It

James Bond himself is a style statement and well, all of his movies and his dressing, his style sense etc, everything created a lot of hype when the movie first came out. Now, if you are a big time James Bond fan then you should notice that all he wears in all of his movies is Omega. Yes, you read that right! Even for Bond, there is no better luxury watch brand than Omega and well we just couldn’t agree more!


These are some of the main things we thought you should know about Omega watches before making a purchase. Well, by now we think we made our point that yes, Omega is a one worthy brand and if you buy any of its watches, you are definitely going to love it!

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