5 Things Your Therapist Would Love You to Do

Congratulations! Chances are that if you are reading this, you have decided that your mental health is very important to you, and you have finally made the choice to see a therapist. So, you are on the right track!

However, a lot of people feel overwhelmed at the idea of therapy, not exactly knowing what to do to move their treatment in the right direction. Thankfully, your therapist is a trained professional who will set forth a plan to discover the root of your depression, fight the feelings of anxiety or help you to achieve that full eight hours of sleep that you long for.

But are there ways that you can also work right along with your therapist, reaching those goals even faster? Let’s take a look at six things that your therapist would LOVE for to do!

  • Start By Strengthening Your Relationships

Most people find that they are emotionally stronger when they are surrounded by healthy, supportive relationships. Whether these be romantic engagements or parent-child roles, many seem to function emotionally on a more positive level when they are in a “good place” with the people that they care the most about. Sometimes a negative relationship may be discovered as the root of many feelings of depression or anxiety, so just as you work towards holding onto the rewarding relationships in your life, never hesitate to also let go of those that appear to be detrimental to your well-being. There are plenty of articles and books available to help you achieve freedom from toxic relationships.

  • Keep Up With Your Physical Health

Now, you may have heard the saying that “help starts on the inside”, and this may typically be the case. However, when you are putting the work in to heal your mind and to focus on your emotions, you can’t neglect to also remember your physical health. Maybe you find that going for a run can clear your mind and help you forget a bad day at work. That isn’t just coincidence. If you feel good about the choices that you are making in your diet and your fitness regimen, your mind will also react with positive outcomes as well. If you aren’t really into hitting the gym, try something low-key, and find a yoga class in your area.

  • Journal

Many therapists will suggest that you write in a journal, as that this will open your mind and provide an easy way to take note of how you’re feeling on any particular day. In fact, journaling has been used for centuries to promote self growth in all sorts of ways. You can stick to the paper-bound diary on the bedside table, or you can make use of one of the many smartphone apps for journaling. As you begin to explore your own feelings, you’ll soon see patterns in your behavior, allowing you the opportunity to rethink some of your actions and reactions.

  • Stay Engaged  

Now, probably one of the most helpful things that you can do for your therapist is to stay engaged. Sometimes a patient leaves the office and doesn’t give a second thought to their treatment until they back for the next appointment. But keeping in check with one’s emotions in between appointments can make all the difference. And technology is making it even easier, as many therapists utilize patient engagement solutions to keep their patients on track in between their appointments. Patients can even download an app to their smartphone or tablet, allowing them to take surveys and questionnaires to help with their treatment. How fantastic is that?    

  • Reach Out for Help

Most importantly, your therapist will love you if you keep the the lines of communication open. Reaching out for help is an integral part of growth, and you have already made the first initial step by starting your treatment. However, continuing to be open with your emotions and alerting your therapist when you are feeling overwhelmed can be the catalyst for a positive outcome in your treatment.

As you continue your therapy, you will find that the more effort you put into your treatment, the more you will take away. Whether you are dealing with emotions connected to anxiety, depression or a myriad of other disorders, following these tips may lead you one step closer to the well-being that can be achieved.


Angela Ash is a professional article writer and editor, specializing in self improvement and health topics. She is also the Content Manager for Mentegram, a mental heaththcare company that has helped over 200 therapists provide better care to over 1,500 patients.


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