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5 Things To Remember When Everything Seems To Be Going Wrong

“Turn your face to the sun and let the shadows fall behind you” – Maori Proverb

Highs and lows are a part of life. There comes a time in every person’s life when all hope seems lost. You may feel dejected and sad. However, the key to overcoming these times with a smile is not letting these affect you negatively. Use these difficult times as a learning experience, and try to get through them. You might feel hurt, but that is no reason to stop living.

Facing problems and heartaches are an inevitable part of life. In order to come out unscathed from such times, there are a few things you should do. Following are some of the things you can do to overcome the hopelessness.

This Too Shall Pass

“Sun emerges in the morning after a dark night” – Anonymous

Times may be tough now, but they are not going to last forever. Things will change and for the better. Keep reminding yourself that this is a phase and it will pass eventually. You might be dealing with family issues, or problems related to work, or maybe going through a rough time in your relationship. No matter what the problem is, it will pass, and you will look back at these times, and smile, remembering the lessons they taught you. So keep reminding yourself that these bad times aren’t here to stay. You will smile again. You will laugh again. You will be happy again. And you will achieve your dream.

Much of This Won’t Matter in a Few Years

The problems you are facing today may seem like huge problems at the moment, but a few years from now, they won’t matter. You will look back at these times, and laugh at how silly these problems were. Or you will be thankful to God, for giving you a chance to come out stronger than ever before. Whatever is happening, keep reminding yourself that this holds a small percentage in your entire life. Therefore, rather than feeling down, pull yourself up and out of the darkness.

Bad times have a habit of making us feel depressed. You might feel that there is no hope right now, but believe that you have the power to change your life. Visualize that you are changing your life, and take steps to make that vision a reality.


Life is full of beautiful moments, and the only way for us to realize that is if we go through difficult times. Pain is a part of growing, and it makes you stronger. Remember, when you were first learning to ride a bike, and fell down multiple times? You might have scraped your knee or injured yourself in the process. But you kept getting right back up. Why was that? Because you knew that you had to endure that pain, for the end result was worth it. And then you got up, sat yourself on your bike, placed your foot on the pedal, and off you went on a smooth journey. You had overcome that pain and learned something invaluable from the experience.

These tough times are exactly the same. Once they are over, you will realize the importance of the things you have learned. And then you will be grateful for having had the chance to grow into a beautiful and strong person.


You must have heard the proverb,

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

Difficult times are the same. However, during these difficult times, you will come across many people, who will let you down. Troubled times show, who your true friends are. If you are surrounded by negative people, then it is better to be without company for a while. Negativity will only make you feel worse. Try to be friends with people who lift your spirits, when everything seems to be going downhill. If you feel worse by being in someone’s company, then stop hanging out with them. It’s time to put your foot down and let them know you will not take their negativity any longer.

It is important to look at the beauty of life. You may be facing troubled times now, but life wasn’t always this way. Keep reminding yourself of the happy days you experienced, and look forward to a better future.

There Are No Highs without Lows

Remember, things never remain the same. The world is in an ever-changing loop. The only thing constant is “change.” Life is not a bed of roses. Things do not always go your way. At times, you will face disastrous days, while at others the sun will shine bright and new, with everything going your way.

When life is better, we have high expectations. The higher our expectations, the harder we fall when things do not work out. Therefore, it is better to always be prepared for the low times. Similarly, when the low times are over, good times will begin again. You might consider the times you are experiencing right now as the lowest point of your life. While for others, the same time may be the highest.

Therefore, always be grateful for all the blessings you have. And smile, for life is short, and happy moments are short lived. Make the most of your experiences. Keep reminding yourself that the sun will emerge and light will shine upon you once more.

These are five of the most important things you should remember, every time you feel down. Things may seem to be going against your wishes right now, but in time you will appreciate how everything turned out. Trust yourself and keep striving for the future. It will all be worth it in the end.

I’m curious – what’s the number one way that you have turned a challenging situation around in your own life?

If you have any extra ideas or questions on the topic please share them with me in the comment section below.

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